Wibotic Wireless Charging and Power Optimization Solution for UVs and Robots to Enable Robotic Autonomy

Published  June 4, 2020   0
Wibotic Wireless Charging and Power Optimization Solution

The robotic fleets are reshaping the logistics, delivery and inspection industry and moving towards enhanced autonomy where there will be no need for human intervention. To support this view, the Wibotic has introduced the wireless charging and power optimization solution for the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine, and industrial robots. The new solution allows robots and unmanned vehicles (UVs) to recharge itself without the need for human help, this also reduces the wear and tear of physical connection points, trip hazards from power cords, and floor-mounted charging stations, and the space requirement for a dedicated charging room.

The charging solutions are designed to facilitate many-to-many operation, meaning that any robot can be charged from any station, even if the robots have different battery chemistries, voltage, and charging current.

The Charging solution is powered by the 48V VI Chip PRM Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) regulator, which is a 400W high efficient converter that operates at 36V-75V input to generate regulated output. The regulator powers the adaptive matching transmitter that delivers power wirelessly to the robot’s and UV’s receiver in the WiBotic TR-110 wireless charging station. The PRM can accept 48V from an AC-DC power supply and the output voltage can be controlled and trimmed from approximately 20 – 55V.

The PRM delivers consistent, high-efficiency conversion across the full range of impedance for flexible support of the full charge and trickles charge modes without any drop off in efficiency at lower power levels. This high-efficiency conversion capability yielded a tightly consistent, maximum device temperature of 40 – 45°C, which helps to neutralize thermal management constraints across the full power range.

To know more about the WiBotic wireless charging applications, visit the official website of Vicor Power.