Ultra-Low Power, Single-Core MPU with Advanced Audio Features and Dual Ethernet

Published  May 25, 2022   0
SAMA7G54 Arm Cortex A7-Based MPU

Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced the new SAMA7G54 Arm Cortex A7-based MPU that includes both a MIPI CSI-2 camera interface and a traditional parallel camera interface enabling developers to design low-power stereo vision applications with more accurate depth perception. The SAMA7G54 MPU extends this low-power trend into the 1 GHz performance class of Linux-capable MPUs by providing flexible low-power modes, as well as voltage and frequency scaling. 

This device supports multiple memories such as 16-bit DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR2, and LPDDR3 with flexible boot options from octal/quad SPI, SD/eMMC as well as 8-bit SLC/MLC NAND Flash. It features a large number of connectivity options including Dual Ethernet (one Gigabit Ethernet and one 10/100 Ethernet), six CAN-FD, and three high-speed USB. Advanced security functions like secure boot, secure key storage, and high-performance crypto accelerators for AES, SHA, RSA, and ECC are also supported.

Moreover, for audio applications, the device integrates enhanced audio features such as four I2S digital audio ports, an 8-microphone array interface, an S/PDIF transmitter, and receiver, as well as four stereo channel audio sample rate converters. It is equipped with multiple microphone inputs for improved source localization to enhance smart speaker or video conferencing system performance. 

Key Features of SAMA7G54 MPU

  • Arm Cortex-A7 based MPU

  • Complete Imaging and Audio Sub-System

  • Optimized BGA ball-out facilitates 4-layer PCB designs

  • Optimized Power Management IC and Integrated LDOs

  • Large number of connectivity options