Ubo - The Open-Source Smart Pod Built for Privacy and Customizability

Published  April 27, 2023   0
S Staff
Raspberry Pi based Smart Home Device

Engineer Mehrdad Majzoobi’s new Raspberry Pi based smart home device – Ubo the Smart Edge Pod is about to launch. The Ubo features an integrated display, speakers, microphones, webcam, sensors and many more features. The Smart Edge Pod integrates a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC along with an onboard Infineon Optiga Trust M SLS32AIA security co-processor, 1.54” 240x240 IPS display with user-programable buttons, dual stereo microphones, a camera, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a pair of IR transmitter and receiver, stereo speakers and a RGB LED ring with 27 addressable RGB LEDS. The main focus of the product is privacy and to ensure the end user privacy Ubo incorporates physical privacy sliders and switches for the camera and the microphones.

The impressive hardware spec is not the only selling point for the Ubo. Majzoobi also aims to create a full-stack software platform for the UDO. His aim is for a complete software development kit which makes the application development for the Ubo is easier as possible. Majzoobi plans to launch an Ubo Smart Edge Pod Developer's Edition this spring, with more information available on the project's website. The project is open source, and all the design files are available on his GitHub under the reciprocal GNU General Public License 3, with separate repositories for the SDK and the mechanical design files.