Triaxis Magnetic Position Sensor IC with new PCB-less Packages Released for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Published  May 29, 2021   0
MLX90377 Triaxis Position Sensor IC

Based on the Triaxis Hall magnetic front-end, Melexis’ new MLX90377single- and dual-die (fully redundant) magnetic position sensor IC with new Single Mold Package (SMP) improves PCB-less integration and manufacturing costs in automotive and industrial applications. This new sensor integrates an ADC with signal conditioning, DSP, and an output stage driver that supports SPC (Short PWM Code) and ratiometric analog, PWM, and SENT signal formats.

The stray field robust modes ASIL-C (single die) capability and external pin measurement of MLX90377 sensor IC make it ideally suited for high performance and safety-critical applications.  The SMP-3 and SMP-4 (single mold package, 3- and 4-pin) package options are available for PCB-less designs. These new packages are can be used without a printed circuit board, which helps in reducing total system cost and improving mechanical integration and reliability.

Moreover, the new package offers the best mechanical integration and quality via optimization of the package body and electrical leads, representing nearly a decade of continuous improvement based on customer feedback and application knowledge. The latest sensor IC released by the company provides improved performance and adds SPC capability ideal for multi-bus architectures like those found in advanced steering and braking applications.

Key features of MLX90377 - Triaxis Position Sensor IC

  • Triaxis Hall Technology
  • On-Chip Signal Processing for Robust Absolute Position Sensing
  • Programmable Measurement Range
  • Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic (4 or 8 Multi-points or 16 or 32 Piece-WiseLinear)
  • Selectable (fast) SENT, PWM, SPC, or Ratiometric Analog Output modes
  • SAE J2716 APR2016 SENT
  • ISO26262 ASIL-C capable for (fast) SENT, PWM, SPC Output modes, and ASIL-B capable for analog output mode, Safety Element out of Context
  • Enhanced serial data communication
  • 48 bit ID Number option
  • Single Die - SOIC-8, DMP-4, SMP-3, and Dual Die (Full Redundant) - TSSOP-16 package RoHS Compliant
  • Robustness against stray-field