Texas Instruments TPSM846C24 High-Density Step-Down Power Module

Texas Instruments TPSM846C24 High-Density Step-Down Power Module


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Texas Instruments TPSM846C24 High-Density Step-Down Power Module

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the TPSM846C24 power module from Texas Instruments. The 35A TPSM846C24 module features overcurrent protection and is intended to be used for compact PCI/PCIe, broadband, point-of-load, and medical equipment applications.


TI’s TPSM846C24 is a fixed-frequency, 35A, step-down power module that incorporates a controller, power MOSFETs, inductor, and associated components into a thermally enhanced, surface-mount package. Setting the operating parameters of the module requires just input and output capacitors as well as a few other passive components.


Engineers can achieve a two-phase power solution by configuring two modules to work in parallel up to 70A with current sharing. The TPSM846C24 operates at an junction temperature range of -40 to 125o Celsius, and is available in a 15 mm × 16 mm footprint that is easy to solder onto a PCB and allows a compact, point-of-load design.


The TPSM846C24 module is supported by the TPSM846C24EVM-006 and TPSM846C24EVM-007 evaluation modules to provide test points and jumpers to facilitate easy testing. The TPSM846C24EVM-006 contains a single TPSM846C24 module, while the TPSM846C24EVM-007 contains two TPSM846C24 modules working in parallel to enable up to 70 A output current.


For more information, visit www.mouser.com/ti-tpsm846c24-power-modules.

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