TI's ultra-small 5.5-V DC/DC step-down power module delivers true 6A performance


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5.5-V DC/DC step-down power module

Highly integrated synchronous power module features up to 95 percent efficiency for space- and height-constrained applications

Texas Instruments presents a 5.5V step-down power module that gives a constant output of 6A of current with up to 95% efficiency. TPSM82480 DC/DC module integrates power MOSFETs and shielded inductor into a small footprint for space and its easy-to-use the module. TPSM82480 has a wide range of application such as point-of-load telecommunications, networking, and test and measurement power supplies.

The efficiency for providing 6A of a constant output current is really outstanding even over the full temperature range without additional airflow. TI uses two-phase control topology that shares the load between both the phases to ensure high efficiency and balanced operation. TPSM82480 have various more features like adjustable soft start, voltage select to support multiple processor stages and a power-good indicator.

Features and Benefits of TPSM82480 DC/DC step-down power module

  • Ultra-Small Size: Comes with two input/output capacitors and two resistors, with all these few no. of components make a small size solution of 80mm2 that measures just 1.5mm in height.
  • High Efficiency: TPSM82480 comes with a power save mode maintains high efficiency maintains a full load range.
  • Heat Protection: Giver a thermal output to alert the system to reduce power before overheating.

TPSM82480 is available in the market with 24-pin quad flat micro (QFM) Microsip Package. It’s also the newest addition to TIs portfolio of DC/DC power modules, which integrates inductor and MOSFETs into a single package to save size.

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