Touch-Free UI Solutions with capacitive Touch-Key Microcontroller for 2D/3D Gesture Control

Published  April 8, 2019   0
Touch-Free UI Solutions with capacitive Touch-Key Microcontroller for 2D/3D Gesture Control

Renesas Electronics launched two new touch-free user interface(UI) solutions which are based on Renesas’s capacitive sensor microcontrollers (MCUs) and support the development of UI that allows users to operate home appliances, as well as industrial and OA equipment without touching the devices. It will simplify the design of 2D and 3D control-based applications along with detection of in a 2D coordinate system and in 3D space, respectively.


The touch free solutions are emerging and have several advantages over touch solutions such as if the users’ hands are wet, when the controls are out of reach, or when it is not safe for the user to touch the controls, then the touch free solutions makes it easier to overcome all these limitations. This features make it possible for appliance and equipment manufacturers to quickly develop touch-free interfaces that increase the added-value of their products in terms of both equipment convenience and design.


The new touch-free UI can be used in kitchen where users could adjust water temperature and flow rate through hand gestures near the faucets or adjust stove fan operation by holding a hand over the hood. The touch-free UI solutions allow customers to easily implement these interfaces in their embedded equipment. The reference designs are available for downloaded effective immediately. The 3D gesture solution is available in three different sizes and can be selected based on the application:

  • Standard version (160 × 160 × 100 mm) with RX231 MCU
  • Miniature version (80 × 80 × 80 mm) with RX130 MCU
  • Slim version (100 × 100 × 20 mm) with RX130 MCU for additional space saving


Key features of the touch-free UI solutions:

  • Comes with circuit diagrams, board design data files, and parts lists that form the reference hardware for the capacitive touch-key MCU
  • Comes with coordinate calculation middleware, sample programs, application notes, and an evaluation tool for monitoring the detected coordinates
  • The touch-free UI solutions have passed class B testing for the IEC 61000 4-3 level 3 and 4-6 level 3 noise immunity standards,
  • It achieves stable operation

The 2D and 3D touch-free UI solutions are available now for download at Renesas