Toshiba Unveils Compact 600V Power Devices for Efficient Brushless DC Motor Drives

Published  October 27, 2023   0
Compact 600V Power Devices for Efficient Brushless DC Motor Drives

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has unveiled two new 600V small intelligent power devices (IPDs) designed for brushless DC motor drive applications, catering to various sectors such as air conditioners, air cleaners, and pumps. The release of "TPD4163K" and "TPD4164K," boasting DC output current ratings of 1A and 2A, marks a significant development in motor drive technology. Notably, these IPDs are packaged in a through-hole type HDIP30 package, reducing the mounting area by approximately 21% compared to Toshiba's previous products. This innovation serves to minimize the footprint of motor drive circuit boards, enhancing overall design flexibility.

Recognizing the importance of reliable power supply in regions with unstable electrical grids, Toshiba has increased the voltage rating from 500V in their previous products to a robust 600V. This improvement bolsters the IPDs' durability and operational stability, ensuring their effectiveness under varying voltage conditions. Furthermore, Toshiba is offering a "Reference Design for Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Drive Circuit" that leverages the capabilities of the new TPD4164K alongside the TMPM374FWUG microcontroller equipped with a vector control engine. This reference design is readily accessible on Toshiba's website, simplifying the integration of these IPDs into motor control applications.

These 600V small intelligent power devices are particularly well-suited for brushless DC motors commonly found in home appliances, including fan motors (such as those in air conditioners, air cleaners, and ceiling fans) and pumps. Their high power supply voltage rating of VBB=600V ensures a robust operation margin for voltage fluctuations, while their compact through-hole type HDIP30 package (measuring 32.8mm×13.5mm, t=3.525mm) makes them an excellent choice for space-constrained applications. Overall, Toshiba's new IPDs represent a significant advancement in the field of motor drive technology, contributing to more reliable and energy-efficient home appliances.