Tokay Lite:Open source, no-code AI camera.

Published  December 7, 2023   0
S Staff
No Code AI Camera

Maxlab has recently unveiled the Tokay Lite, an AI camera that is both battery-powered and operates without requiring any coding skills. This innovative device is built on the ESP32-S3 WiSoC, which integrates WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. It's designed for use in various applications, including computer vision tasks like facial recognition and robotics. The camera's user-friendly nature is highlighted by its web-based configuration interface, eliminating the need for programming knowledge.

The Tokay Lite has a range of features, including night vision supported by four IR LEDs, an IR cut filter, and sensors for light and PIR motion. Connectivity options are comprehensive, featuring WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 5, and it includes a 20-pin expansion connector. The camera is equipped with an OV2640 sensor, capable of capturing images in multiple resolutions and supports JPEG format. For power, users have the flexibility to choose between a USB-C connection or a LiPo battery. Notably, the Tokay Lite has been OHSWA-certified and meets FCC/CE standards.

In terms of software, Tokay Lite is compatible with TF-Lite Micro and ESP-DL, but its standout feature is the no-code user interface, allowing easy configuration and integration with IoT and AI platforms like AWS IoT and Edge Impulse. The camera's open-source nature is an added advantage, with design files and firmware available on GitHub. Although the Tokay Lite's crowdfunding campaign has seen modest beginnings, its unique blend of accessibility, functionality, and connectivity positions it as an intriguing option in the AI camera market. Details about its pro model, as well as future plans for an ESP32-P4 RISC-V based AI camera, are available for those interested in the evolving landscape of AI and machine learning hardware.