TLV320ADC5140 - New audio ADC for far-field Voice capturing in Smart Speakers


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TLV320ADC5140 - New audio ADC for far-field Voice capturing in Smart Speakers

Texas Instruments has introduced the TLV320ADC5140, a new audio analog-to-digital converter that can capture clear audio up to four times farther away than the other competent devices. It is the industry’s smallest quad-channel audio ADC with this level of performance and is part of a new family of three TI Burr-Brown audio ADC that enable low distortion audio recording in loud environments, along with far-field, high fidelity recordings in any environment.


The TLV320ADC5140 can be used in applications such as high-end smart speakers, soundbars, wireless speakers, high definition TVs, IP network cameras, teleconferencing systems, and smart appliances.


Specifications of TLV320ADC5140

  • Single-supply operation: 3.3 V or 1.8 V
  • I/O-supply operation: 3.3 V or 1.8 V
  • ADC sample rate (fS) = 8 kHz to 768 kHz
  • Programmable microphone bias or supply voltage generation
  • Low-latency signal processing filter selection
  • Programmable HPF and biquad digital filters
  • Automatic gain controller (AGC)
  • I2C or SPI controls
  • Integrated high-performance audio PLL


The smart homes today are facing problems in capturing audios in the far-field as the limited number of microphones and restricted signal processing capability make it difficult to capture and understand voice commands in loud environments. The TLV320ADC5140 overcomes this drawback by providing improved audio capture from across the rooms and boost the recognition of soft-spoken commands. The ADC joins the portfolio of TI Burr-Brown premium audio devices, including high-performance Class-D amplifiers, data converters, and operational amplifiers can also help engineers save system design costs by reducing the number of microphones in the array.


Features and Benefits of TLV320ADC5140

  • Clear audio in any environment in beamforming systems: The device has a built-in 120db dynamic range enhancer (DRE) that can boost low volume audio signals while maintaining low distortion recording even in close proximity to the speaker output. The DRE also improves far-field, high fidelity recordings in all environments.
  • High-Quality voice capability with premium microphones:  The TLV320ADC5140 supports the latest high signal to noise ratio microphones with greater than 106-dB dynamic range.
  • Unprecedented integration to enable versatile system design: Allowing for system flexibility with the conversion of as many as four analogs or eight digital microphones (or a combination thereof), the TLV320ADC5140 also includes programmable features such as gain and phase calibration to equalize microphone-array mismatches. Other features include a programmable gain amplifier, high-pass filters, channel mixing, and linear phase or ultra-low-latency decimation filters.
  • Small size with low system power consumption:  Engineers can offload digital signal processing tasks, allowing them to shrink their designs without sacrificing system reliability. Power consumption is only 9.5mW per channel at 48kHz.


The new ADC is available for purchase through the TI store. Offered in 4-mm-by-4-mm, 24-pin wafer quad flatpack no-lead (WQFN) packaging, it is priced at US$2.99 in 1,000-unit quantities. The TLV320ADC5140 quad-channel 768-kHz TI Burr-Brown audio ADC evaluation module, ADC5140EVM-PDK, is also available for $199 in limited quantities. For more details about TLV320ADC5140 visit the product page on official Texas Instruments website.

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