TimePictra 11 Timing Infrastructure Management System Unified with BlueSky GNSS Firewall for Secure Network Timing Architecture


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TimePictra 11 Timing Infrastructure Management System

With the integration of BlueSky GNSS Firewall with TimePictra 11 synchronization monitoring and management platform, Microchip Technology aims to address the security threats and performance issues in 5G wireless networks and smart power grids. The TimePictra 11 software suite provides full control and monitoring of all synchronization sources and distribution trails in the network.

Creating a unified view for a more secure network timing architecture, the Resilient Timing Network Control with TimePictra 11 Synchronization Management System provides real-time monitoring and control of mission-critical timing infrastructure for detecting, analyzing, and responding to any performance or security-related issues instantly. As told by the company officials, the TimePictra 11 system improves overall situational awareness by managing network timing synchronization as well as GNSS firewall that improves a network’s resilience through real-time GPS threat detection and mitigation.

TimePictra11 along with secure network-based timing distribution solutions from the company can help mobile operators in monitoring GNSS-based source clocks to deploy a highly resilient timing architecture for their transition to 5G. It also provides full control and monitoring for resilient timing architectures created with the company’s broad product portfolio including the TimeProvider 4100 grandmasters for the 5G network synchronization. Additionally, it also monitors the health and performance of these networks’ distributed Precision Time Protocol (PTP) client clocks.

Other than supporting 5G deployments, TimePictra enables aviation, railway, and maritime ports with a regional, national or global view of GNSS reception. TimePictra unified with BlueSky GNSS Firewalls monitors key GNSS observables thereby detecting live sky signal anomalies and sending alerts.

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