Time of Flight Based 3D Depth Sensor for Accurate Depth Measurement in AR Applications with Low Power Consumption

Published  October 29, 2020   0
Time of Flight Based REAL3 3D Depth Sensor

Based on the Time of Flight (ToF) technology, Infineon Technologies AG and pmdtechnologies together developed the REAL3 3D depth sensor targeting the applications that offer a wider spectrum of innovative consumer usability. The REAL3 ToF sensor can accurately measure depth in short and long-range for AR at a very low power consumption with more than 40% power saving on the imager.

With a flexible configurability, the new device can enable differentiated camera performance in a wide variety of ranges to light conditions and use cases while saving battery life in mobile devices. The device showcases various techniques like real-time augmented reality, long-range scanning, small object reconstruction, fast low power autofocus, and picture segmentation.

With the help of seamless augmented reality sensing, the REAL3 sensor can capture high-quality 3D depth data up to a distance of ten meters without loosing resolution in a short-range. Always-on applications such as mobile AR gaming can greatly benefit from the small power budget required by the new sensor, and provide users with longer playtime than ever.

The REAL3 3D depth sensor can provide immersive and smarter AR experiences and it can capture better photos with autofocus in low light conditions or more beautiful night mode portraits based on picture segmentation.

The volume delivery of the REAL3 ToF sensor is scheduled to start in Q2 2021. However, demo kits are already made available.