TI’s Launch of new Smallest Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) Transceivers


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TI’s Launch of new Smallest Ethernet Physical Layer(PHY) Transceivers

TI (Texas Instruments) released two smallest and highest temperature-rated Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) Transceivers. The transceivers (DP83825I and DP83869HM) are low-power consumption, long cable reach and small in package. Out of these two PHYs, the DP83825I is low-power 10-/100-Mbps Ethernet, 44 percent smaller package size to its competing device and the cable reach of up to 150-meter. Whereas, the DP83869HM supports copper and fiber media and rated to operate in high-temperature range up to 1250 C enabling its speed and reliability in Harsh Environments.


The DP83825I highlight it's small size of 3-mm by 3-mm quad flat no-lead(QFN) 24-pin package which will help developers to shrink designs while increase in network reach and performance whereas DP83869HM highlight its 7-mm by 7-mm very thin QFN package in a 48-pin package. These transceivers will eliminate the need of repeaters while working in long-range applications. Also, the elimination of repeaters will help in reducing extra costs.


The DP83825I is lowest Ethernet PHY power consumption which will enable less thermal loading and less power demands for Ethernet connectivity consuming 125mW or low. The DP83869HM comes with high ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) and widest temperature range rated to work between (-400C) –(1250C). The DP83869HM is design flexible and supports low latency (<390 ns total) 1000Base-X and 100Base-X Ethernet protocols and conversion between copper and fiber Ethernet standards. This will allow designers to extend their long-distance network application. TI also announced tools and support so that engineers can jumpstart their designs with evaluation modules for both transceivers (DP83825I and DP83869HM).


In terms of availability and pricing then production quantities of DP83869HM in a 48-pin, 7-mm by 7-mm QFN package are available now through TI store and Authorized distributors whereas only pre-production samples of DP83825I in a 24-pin,3-mm by 3-mm QFN package are available through TI store. Price starts at US$0.71 in 1,000-unit quantities for DP83825I and US$7.13 in 1,000-unit quantities for DP83869HM.

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