Three Phase Brushless Motor Pre Driver IC for Sensorless Closed Loop Speed Control

Published  December 6, 2019   0
TC78B009FTG- Three Phase Brushless Motor Pre Driver IC

Toshiba Electronic Corporation has announced the TC78B009FTG, a three-phase Brushless motor control pre-driver IC that does not require the Hall sensor for closed-loop speed control. The advancements in server capacity and performance require larger and high-velocity fans for cooling the excess heat generated by the equipment. Similarly, blowers, vacuum cleaners, and pumps also operate with high-speed impellers that require the capability and the fan driver ICs need to be able to drive an external FET to deliver more power.


Features of TC78B009FTG IC

  • Operates at a supply voltage of 5.5V to 27V
  • High-Speed rotation is realized rectangular wave drive of 120°,135°,142.5°, and 150° commutation.
  • Hall sensorless and has a selectable closed-loop or open-loop speed control
  • Standby function
  • FET gate current configuration for slew rate control
  • Selectable forward rotation or reverse rotation
  • Supports speed control by PWM duty signal, analog voltage signal, and I2C
  • Supports various setting with I2C interface


The TC78B009FTG with Sensorless control will drive an external FET by controlling its gate driving current. A closed-loop speed control regulates and maintains the motor rotational speed under dynamic fluctuations and load variations. Precise setting of speed profile is done by the built-in non-volatile memory (NVM), therefore TC78B009FTG eliminates the need for an external MCU for closed-loop control.


TC78B009FTG is under mass production and ready for shipments, for more information visit the product page on the official website of Toshiba Electronics Devices & Storage Corporation.