Synchronous Step-down DC/DC Controller with High Accuracy Feedback Voltage offers Maximum Design Flexibility

Published  November 15, 2021   0
L Lakshita
R1260 Series Synchronous Step-down DC/DC Controller

Ricoh Electronics Devices has introduced a buck DC/DC converter controller that can generate an output voltage of 1.0V to 16.0V by driving external high/low-side N-MOSFETs and offers maximum design flexibility as various settings can be tailored to the specifications of the application. The new R1260 series is a power source for systems that require step-down from high voltages and is suitable for applications such as PLC, PoE Drive Equipment, FA Equipment, 5G Base Station, and Industrial Equipment.

In addition, by the adoption of a unique current mode PWM architecture without an external current sense resistor, this device can make up a stable DC/DC converter with high-efficiency even if adding low Ron MOSFETs and a low DCR inductor externally.

Key Features of R1260 Series

  • 48 V power can be provided by a wide-ranging input voltage of 5 V to 60 V
  • High-accuracy feedback voltage: 0.8 V ±1.5% (Operating Temperature Range)
  • High efficiency at light load (IOUT=1mA) by VFM control

The R1260 device is able to handle up to 60 V input voltage and has an absolute maximum rating of 80 V. It features high-accuracy feedback voltage and adjustable output voltage that can be set from 1 to 16V. The R1260 series is now available in an HSOP-18 package.