Super Capacitor Powered Speaker: Charges in Seconds, Runs for Hours

Published  December 14, 2023   0
S Staff
Super Capacitor

Maker Jamie Matthews has recently created a new supercapacitor-powered speaker that significantly enhances charging speed and playtime duration. This speaker charges remarkably fast, achieving a full charge within seconds, and offers a minimum of six hours of continuous playtime without the need for solar power. This efficiency is credited to the use of a TPA2013D1 class D amplifier, which boasts an efficiency of over 87.5% and includes a boost converter to maintain a constant output of 5.5V.

The design of this speaker is particularly noteworthy for its choice of power source. Instead of conventional batteries, it uses supercapacitors, which are known for their extensive life cycles, ranging from 100,000 to a million cycles, compared to the 300-500 cycles of typical modern batteries. This feature significantly extends the product's lifespan and reduces performance degradation over time. The speaker's circuit includes two 400 Farad supercapacitors in series, resulting in a working voltage of 5.4 volts and a capacitance of 200 Farad when fully charged. To prevent overcharging and maintain balance, a protection circuit with the TL431 IC is integrated into each capacitor.

TL431 Integrated into Capacitor

An additional benefit of this speaker is its ability to maintain consistent performance when placed in sunlight, thanks to its integrated solar panel. This eliminates any voltage sag even at maximum volume. Despite the linear voltage drop common with supercapacitors, the speaker's design incorporates a boost converter within the amplifier to stabilize the output voltage. Furthermore, the speaker is equipped with a USB-C port, which not only allows for rapid charging but also enables audio playback from a USB-C connected laptop or desktop, adding to its convenience and usability.