STMicroelectronics’ New IMU Module Enhancing Automotive Safety and Functionality

Published  May 8, 2024   0
S Staff
AI Powered IMU

STMicroelectronics has launched a new module called the ASM330LHBG1, which has two main components: a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. This module is designed specifically for use in cars and comes with software that helps ensure safety in different car functions. The module is built to work in tough conditions, like really hot or cold temperatures, making it suitable for places near the engine or where the sun beats down. It's made to be very accurate and reliable, which is important for things like helping cars navigate, supporting drivers, and even controlling parts of the car automatically. One cool thing about this module is that it has some special tech inside it. It has something called a machine-learning core (MLC) and a programmable finite state machine (FSM). These things help it to be smart and make decisions on its own without using too much power. So, it can do smart stuff without draining the car's battery.

Another important feature is that it's easy to connect and use with other car parts. It has different ways to communicate with other devices in the car, like through wires or cables. Plus, it has built-in systems to handle errors and make sure it keeps working even when things get a bit rough. When it comes to safety, this module takes things seriously. It's been tested and certified by experts to meet certain safety standards. And if there's ever a problem with one module, it can switch to another one to keep things running smoothly. This kind of backup system helps ensure that the car stays safe and reliable, even if something goes wrong.


The ASM330LHBG1 is ready to buy now. It comes in a small package and costs $9.40 each when you order 1000 pieces.