STMicroelectronics Announces ST BrightSense Image Sensor Tools for Improved Camera Applications

Published  July 4, 2024   0
S Staff
BrightSense Global-shutter Image Sensors

STMicroelectronics has launched a series of tools to simplify the development process for applications using its ST BrightSense global-shutter image sensors. These tools include hardware kits, evaluation camera modules, and software, designed to help developers achieve superior camera performance in various industrial and consumer applications. The ST BrightSense global-shutter image sensors capture fast-moving objects without distortion by sampling all pixels simultaneously, unlike traditional rolling shutters. This also reduces power consumption when used with a lighting system.

These sensors use advanced backside-illuminated pixel technology for sharp, detailed images, and high sensitivity for better low-light performance and fast capture. Their compact 3D-stacked construction allows easy integration into small spaces. They also feature on-chip image processing and a MIPI-CSI-2 interface, making them suitable for embedded vision and edge AI devices. The ST BrightSense portfolio includes several sensors: the VD55G0, VD55G1, and VD56G3 monochrome sensors with resolutions from 0.38Mpixel to 1.5Mpixel, and the VD66GY color sensor with a resolution of 1.5Mpixel.

To support integration, STMicroelectronics offers evaluation camera modules that come with the image sensor, lens holder, lens, and a plug-and-play flex connector. These modules are available in small form factors, down to 5mm², and offer different lens options to meet various application needs. The plug-and-play connector allows for easy swapping of components.