Step-down DC/DC Switching Regulator with 4 MHz High-speed Switching Technology for Small Footprint Solution

Published  October 12, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Step-down DC/DC Switching Regulator

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has launched the new NC2600 Series of synchronous rectification and a maximum output current of 2A step-down DC/DC switching regulator that comes with a PWM/PFM auto switching mode function and is available in two small packages: the WLCSP-8-P11, a small 1.62 x 0.98 x 0.4 (mm) package, and the DFN2020-8-GT (under development), a 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.6 (mm) surface-mount type for easy mounting. This regulator is ideal for applications like portable communication devices, digital cameras and Note-PCs, and Li-ion battery-used equipment.

This product is designed to operate even with peripheral components with small external dimensions, power management components including peripheral components can be placed in a small footprint area. It supports a maximum output current of 2A and is equipped with a function that automatically switches between PFM mode and PWM mode depending on the output current to enable efficient voltage conversion at light load. This function enables the product to achieve both responses to heavy load and high efficiency at light load.

This synchronous step-down DC/DC switching regulator with a 4 MHz switching frequency has an input voltage range of 2.3 V to 5.5 V and a maximum rating of 6.5 V. The output voltage is available in two types: a fixed voltage type where the output voltage is set internally in the IC, and a voltage adjustable type where the output voltage is set by external resistors.