Standalone USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller For Fast and Easy Migration to Type-C


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STUSB4500 Standalone USB Type-C and Power-Delivery controller

STMicroelectronics develops STUSB4500, a standalone USB Type-C and Power-Delivery controller to aim an easy migration to Type-C USB interfaces in a wide range of consumer, industrial, and medical products. It is a certified standalone USB power-delivery controller optimized for sink-only applications powered through a USB-C cable and can easily be customized by the end-user to suit the application.

Based on default power profiles (PDO) loaded in an internal non-volatile memory, the IC implements proprietary algorithms to negotiate a Power Delivery contract with a source without any internal support (Auto-run mode), making it the ideal device for automatic high-power-profile charging especially from a dead-battery power state. An application processor can then optionally and dynamically change STUSB4500 power profiles to force another negotiation.

The STUSB4500 supports multiple options to manage multiple input power paths and irrelevant power sources. Various portable equipments from 15W to 100W such as toys, power tools, vacuum cleaners, office equipments, lighting products, smart speakers, medical devices can replace a product specific charger with a standalone USB Type-C connection. Equipment normally AC-powered through a captive mains cable can also become DC-powered to simplify product design, reduce size and weight, and allow the option of cordless battery-powered operation. More flexible charging options including fast-charging or charging multi-cell batteries above 5V are also possible.

The STUSB4500 is in production now, in the 4mm x 4mm QFN24 package, priced from $0.75 for orders of 1000 pieces. Engineering samples in an even smaller chip-scale package (CSP) is available on request. The STUSB4500 evaluation board (STEVAL-ISC005V1) is available for $49.

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