Soratena Pro - The New Weather IoT Sensor for observing Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

Published  July 5, 2023   0
S Staff
Weather IoT Sensor

Weathernews Inc and OMRON Corporation have collaborated on the development of an innovative weather IoT sensor known as Soratena Pro. This compact yet powerful sensor enables real-time monitoring of seven crucial weather elements every minute, including air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall amount, wind direction, wind velocity, and illuminance. Leveraging OMRON's expertise in sensor development and Weathernews Inc’s renowned accuracy in weather forecasting, the joint project aims to enhance the detection of potential disasters by improving rain and wind sensors' performance. These sensors are capable of identifying elevated risks such as heavy rain exceeding 50 mm/h and strong winds reaching 50 m/s.

Weather IoT Sensor Dimensions

To introduce Soratena Pro to the market, Weathernews Inc plans to develop a new SaaS-type solution service by integrating the sensor with their popular weathernews application, which has amassed over 35 million downloads. This integration will seamlessly provide users with a wide range of features, including access to observation data, weather forecasts, rain cloud radar, blackout risk predictions, and more, some of which may require a paid subscription. The application will also send push notifications when observed air temperature, rainfall amount, or wind velocity surpass predetermined thresholds, enabling users to promptly identify and respond to potential disaster risks. Moreover, a PC version of the application will allow users to download past observation data for in-depth analysis of weather conditions and associated damages.

With its advanced weather IoT sensor capabilities, Soratena Pro can visualize on-site weather conditions and promptly communicate weather changes through the application. As a result, it offers invaluable benefits to various industries, including corporate safety measures and productivity improvements in agriculture, construction, drones, logistics, sports, electric power, food retail, apparel, and more. Weathernews inc and OMRON aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting digitalization and reducing disaster risks through the utilization of Soratena Pro.