Software Configurable Indoor Air Quality Sensor with Reliable Water and Dust Proofing for High-Humidity Environment

Published  December 16, 2020   0
ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the ZMOD4410, a software configurable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor platform with IP67 qualified waterproof option. The unique hermetically sealed package protects the device from water and dust with the help of the hydrophobic and oleophobic material that is permeable to humidity and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the same time. This enables the device to be used in wet or dirty environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hospital rooms where they are frequently exposed to water, oil, and dust.

The waterproof sensor features AI firmware implemented on an MCU to improve sensing performance, and is also highly resistant to siloxanes, enabling exceptional reliability for use in harsh applications. The unique software-configurable ZMOD platform provides greater design flexibility for smart sensing systems, allowing firmware updates in the field that enable new, application-specific capabilities such as selective measurements to detect VOCs. This includes IAQ measurement within international guidelines, allowing customers to measure total VOCs (TVOCs) in the low parts-per-million range (ppm). The higher accuracy and consistency provide improved estimated Carbon Dioxide (eCO2) levels. The new waterproof ZMOD4410 sensor module supports all firmware updates to date.

Features of ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

  • Measurement of total organic compounds (TVOC) concentrations and indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Module algorithm estimates carbon dioxide level (eCO2)
  • Algorithm to set a control signal to trigger an external action based on IAQ and odor change
  • Multiplexed input channel for the heater, resistance, and temperature measurements
  • I2C interface: up to 400kHz
  • Configurable alarm/interrupt output with static and adaptive levels
  • Adjustable ADC resolution for optimal speed versus resolution: 16-bit maximum

The ZMOD4410 combine various features such as waterproofing, reliability, programmability, best-in-class stability, and sensitivity in measuring VOCs into a single device, this makes it a suitable solution for IAQ devices like smart HVAC systems, ventilator fans, bathroom lights and switches, and wearables that operate in a wide range of high humidity, splash zone, dirty or submersible environments.