Smart LIN Motor Pre-Driver for High Power Automotive Mechatronic Applications

Published  June 2, 2022   0
Smart LIN Motor Pre-Driver

Melexis has introduced a single chip LIN pre-driver MLX81346 that is designed for high power up to 2000 W and enables motor control miniaturization and efficient silent drive with field-oriented control (FOC). This new IC addresses automotive mechatronic applications including oil pumps, engine cooling fans, and BLDC positioning actuators. Moreover, this device is also used in robotic systems and e-bikes/e-scooters.

The MLX81346 features a 16-bit embedded microcontroller unit (MCU), a 64 KB flash memory, a LIN software stack, and LIN interface. It has 12 GPIOs including 3x high-voltage I/Os, 2 UARTs, SPI and I2C and it was developed as a SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) with ASIL B capability. This pre-driver IC can be supplied in either a 32-pin QFN (5 mm x 5 mm) or a 48-pin TQFP48 (7 mm x 7 mm) packages. 

Key Features of MLX81346 Pre-driver IC

  • LIN Motor driver

  • Memories split per CPU

  • Microcontroller

  • Fast end-of-line programming via LIN pin (64 KB Flash in < 4sec)

  • Pin-compatible Pre-driver family QFN32

  • Automotive AEC-Q100 qualified

  • Designed for safety applications according to ASIL B (ISO 26262)

  • Maximum IC temperature (with validated mission profile) Tj = 175°C