Smart Gateway Platform for Automotive Gateway and Domain Controller ECU Applications


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STMicroelectronics’ new Smart Gateway Platform (SGP)

STMicroelectronics introduced a new Smart Gateway Platform (SGP) to meet the demand for high-performance Smart-Gateway and Domain-Controller Electronic Control Units. The new SGP was built on gigabit Ethernet communication between the secure and ASIL-B Telecomaco3P microprocessor (MPU) and the ASIL-D SPC58/Chorus microcontroller (MCU) that delivers powerful processing capability to handle firewall functionalities, predictive maintenance, Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades, and high data-rate communication among different ECUs and to the cloud.

The Chorus microcontroller in the Smart Gateway Platform (SGP) can deliver realtime, low-power, and secure in-vehicle connectivity through its multiple CAN-FD interfaces. Likewise, the Telemaco3P MPU can extent gateway computational capability by delivering dual Arm Cortex A7 processing power with the Posix OS support.

The SGP is designed with a rich set of in-vehicle network interfaces that includes multiple Ethernet and CAN ports along with support for LIN and FlexRay connections. It also consists of a comprehensive starter package that includes hardware design files, hardware/software documentation, software utilities (drivers and flashers), and sample applications.

The embedded security module of the SGP can handle OTA updates, firewall, and predictive-maintenance functions. It integrates expansion connections to Wi-Fi and LTE modules in case there is a need for cloud connectivity simulation. The modular architecture of the SGP provides an optimal framework for easy platform scalability in performance, networking, and software. For more information about the Smart- Gateway-Platform (SGP), visit the official product page on the official website of STMicroelectronics.

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