Small Signal Diodes to Save Space and Improve Thermal Performance in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Published  October 11, 2021   0
Small Signal Schottky and Switching Diodes from Vishay

Vishay Intertechnology has released new surface-mount small signal 40V BAS40L Schottky and 100V BAS16L switching diodes to save space and improve thermal performance in various automotive and industrial applications. Housed in the ultra-compact DFN1006-2A plastic package with wettable flanks, the 40 V BAS40L Schottky and 100 V BAS16L switching diodes are available in AEC-Q101 qualified versions. 

The new BAS40L-G3-08 diodes measure just 1 mm by 0.6 mm by 0.45 mm and occupy 90 % less board space than competing devices available in traditional SOD/T packages. Moreover, it offers a 50 % lower profile and better power dissipation. The PN junction guard ring of BAS40L diode ensures protection against excessive voltage, such as electrostatic discharges. Additionally, the BAS40L and BAS16L offer a moisture sensitivity level (MSL) of 1 in accordance with J-STD-020 and a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating.

Key Features of BAS40L-G3-08 Diodes

  • Leadless ultra-small DFN1006-2A package (1 mm × 0.6 mm × 0.45 mm)

  • Surface-mounted device (SMD) plastic package with visible and sidewall plated / wettable flanks

  • Soldering can be checked by standard visual inspection. No X-ray inspection necessary to meet automotive AOI requirements

  • AEC-Q101 qualified available

  • This diode features very low turn-on voltage and fast switching

  • This device is protected by a PN junction guard ring against excessive voltage, such as electrostatic discharges

  • Power dissipation better than SOT-23

RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green, these diodes support automated optical inspection (AOI) for automotive systems. With these, customers can do the soldering by standard vision inspection without X-ray.  Samples and production quantities of the BAS40L and BAS16L are now available with lead times of 12 weeks for large orders from the company website.