Single LIN RGB Controller with Memory Access Protection for Automotive Ambient Lighting


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MLX81114 LIN RGB Controller

MLX81114 is the latest member to join Melexis’s line of IC family. This new IC is a variant of the MLX81113 and supports the growth of RGB LED-based automotive ambient lighting (LIN RGB). The device is available in SOIC packaging and its memory access protection feature enables anti-theft applications.

On-chip memory, high output current, and EMC robustness next to the ISO 26262 functional-safety compliance to support its use in ASIL-A classified systems are the additional features of this new device. MLX81114 LIN RGB Driver IC is suitable for bus systems according to LIN 2.x and SAE J2602.

The physical layer LIN transceiver and a LIN protocol controller along with current-controlled outputs make it possible to develop in a short time frame simple, but powerful and cost-efficient ambient light modules connected to LIN bus systems. From entry-level to mid-range and luxury models, these LIN-compatible RGB (W) drivers enable sophisticated yet cost-effective ambient lighting for various vehicles.

Key Features of MLX81114 LIN RGB Controller

  • Memory access protection
  • 16-bit pipelined RISC microcontroller with 32 kByte Flash, system ROM with bootloader and LIN driver, 2 kByte RAM, and 512 Byte EEPROM
  • Math co-processor for 32-bit MUL/DIV operations
  • 4x high voltage I/Os with free configurable current sources (up to 60 mA) for RGB+W
  • 4x 16-bit PWM outputs
  • Low standby current consumption of typ. 25 µA (max 50 µA) in sleep mode
  • Integrated battery monitor including over- and under-voltage detection
  • Automotive temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C

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