Single-Channel, High-Side Switches with Extended Diagnostic and Smart Driving for Capacitive Loads

Published  May 17, 2022   0
L Lakshita
High-Side Load Switches

STMicroelectronics has released the new IPS1025H and IPS1025H-32 single high-side switch ICs that are able to drive capacitive, resistive, or inductive loads with one side connected to the ground and feature low RDS-ON which makes them suitable for the applications with up to 2.4 A/ 5.6 A steady-state operating current.

Featuring a very wide supply and input pin voltage range from 8V to 60V and able to withstand up to 65V on the input pin, these compact devices ensure reliable performance in industrial applications. Typical uses for the IPS1025H include driving loads controlled by PLC modules and for use in factory automation equipment such as I/O peripherals and CNC machines. The IPS1025H-32 with its higher maximum current limit is well suited for use with unidirectional motors in equipment such as vending machines.

Key Features

  • 8 V to 60 V operating supply voltage range

  • Smart driving of capacitive load

  • Under-voltage lock-out

  • VCC over-voltage protection

  • Fast demagnetization of inductive loads

  • Output overload and over-temperature protections

  • Case over-temperature protection

  • Overload event diagnostic pin

  • Over-temperature event diagnostic pin

In addition to the main current limit, each switch has a secondary, user-programmable limit for handling capacitive loads with a high initial startup current. The limit value and duration are set using external resistors and a capacitor.

The IPS1025H and IPS1025H-32 ICs are now in production and are available in PowerSSO-24 from $3.51 for orders of 1000 pieces.