Silicon III-V Semiconductor chip for commercially viable manufacturing process

Published  September 30, 2019   0
S Staff
LEES researcher reviewing a 200 mm Silicon III-V wafer

Researchers at Low Energy Electronic Systems (LEES), Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), have successfully developed a new type of semiconductor chip that can be developed in a more commercially viable way compared to existing methods. While the semiconductor chip is among the most manufactured device in history, it is getting more and more expensive for companies to produce the next generation of chips. The new integrated Silicon III-V Chip leverages existing 200mm manufacturing infrastructure to create new chips that combines traditional Silicon with III-V devices which would mean savings of tens of billions in industry investments.


What’s more, integrated Silicon III-V chips will help to overcome potential problems with 5G mobile technology. Most 5G devices on the market today get very hot upon use and tend to shut down after some time, but SMART’s new integrated chips will not only enable intelligent illumination and displays but also significantly reduce heat generation in 5G devices. These integrated Silicon III-V Chips are expected to be available by 2020.


SMART is focusing on creating new chips for pixelated illumination/display and 5G markets, which has a combined potential market of over $100B USD. Other markets that SMART’s new integrated Silicon III-V chips will disrupt include wearable mini-displays, virtual reality applications, and other imaging technologies. The patent portfolio has been exclusively licensed by New Silicon Corporation Pte. Ltd. (NSC), a Singapore-based spin-off from SMART. NSC is the first fabless silicon integrated circuit company with proprietary materials, processes, devices, and design for monolithic integrated Silicon III-V circuits.