SFC5500 – Ultrafast High-Performance Mass Flow Controller

Published  April 26, 2023   0
S Staff
SFC5500 mass flow controller

Sensiron’s new SFC5500 range of flow controllers offers ultra-fast settling-time, great repeatability, high accuracy and wide control range. The SFC5500 is based on the microthermal measurement principle and makes use of Sensirion’s proven CMOSens MEMS Technology. As per Sensiron the SFC5500 offers best-in -class performance and excellent reliability, unlike most other competitive mass flow controllers in the market. Sensiron also claims that the new mass flow controllers won’t drift and doesn’t require any in-service calibrations. The high control range enables the new SFC5500 series to cover multiple flow ranges of traditional mass flow controller in a single device.

The SFC5500 is the first standard off-the-shelf flow controller in the market, that’s suitable for medical, analytical and industrial applications with its built-in multi-gas calibration and exchangeable fittings. The SFC5500 offers the same top performance as its predecessor SFC5400 family controllers. The main difference is that while the SFC5400 is highly configurable, SFC5500 series mass flow controllers are available in several pre-configured variants. SFC5500’s minimal thermal mass of the membrane results in an ultra-fast sensor response time of 3-4 ms. Since the whole design of the amplification, A/D conversion, digital linearization and temperature compensation is matched to that sensor speed, a fully compensated flow measurement value can be delivered every millisecond.

The SFC5500 family flow controllers are available from major distributers like Muser and DigiKey, with price ranging from 1200$ to 1350$.