Samsung Enhances Chip-Scale LED Package Lineup with Industry’s Highest Luminous Efficacies


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 Samsung's New Chip Scale LED Package

Samsung achieved the industry’s highest light efficacies for its fillet-enhanced chip-scale package (FEC) LED lineup – LM101B, LH181B and LH231B.


In the early stages, CSP (chip-scale package) LEDs had not been widely used due to relatively lower efficiency level compared to conventional LED packages. The new upgrade LEDs are applied to most mainstream LED lighting environments, downlight, spotlight, high bay and street light applications.


“Since introducing CSP technology to the industry in 2014, we have put extensive effort into advancing the performance levels and design flexibility of every one of our CSP LEDs,” said Yoonjoon Choi, Vice President of the LED Business Team at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to bolster its competitive edge in CSP technology, enabling the widest variety of luminaire designs with exceptional performance, reliability and cost benefits for lighting manufacturers worldwide.”

Samsung LED infographic LED Lighting

The newly upgraded FEC LEDs are based on Samsung’s new CSP technology which builds TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) walls around the side surfaces of the chip to direct light output outwards. The technology provides higher flexibility for designers also reduce cross-talks between neighboring packages.


LM101B mid-power CSP features an increased efficiency of 205lm/W (65mA, CRI 80+, 5000K), which is the highest among 1W-class of mid power CSP LEDs. This is best suited for the spot light application where packages can be densely placed within small-lighting surface area.


LH181B of 2W-class provides 190lm/w (350mA, CRI 70+, 5000K) which is also the highest in its same class. It operates at a maximum current of 1.4A which makes it ideal for high-power luminaries. And, LH231B of 5W-class offers 70lm/W (700mA, CRI 70+, 5000K), this is the industry’s highest efficiency for the 5W-class.

Samsung LED infographic CSP

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