Ruggedized, High Temperature Clock Oscillator for Demanding and Vibrating Industrial Applications


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EQXO-75UIE Extended Industrial Temp Oscillator

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Euroquartz EQXO-75UIE, an Extended Industrial Temperature ruggedized high-reliability SMD clock oscillators, that provides reliable operation with excellent frequency stability for an operating temperature range of -40° to +105°C. All the EQXO-75UIE crystals are pre-aged with an aging specification of ±1ppm maximum for the first year as part of the additional manufacturing process, this process ensures an improved long term application stability.

Features of EQXO-75UIE

  • Frequency Range: 2.00MHz to 60.00MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -40degC to 105degC
  • Shock Survivability: 1500G
  • Supply Voltages: 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V
  • Crystal Stabilization: 96 hours at 100degC
  • Available Temperature stabilities: ±50, 75 & 100ppm
  • Available with short lead time and  no ITAR Restriction

If phase noise is more important for the project, you need to consider that the vibration can cause a degradation in both spectral output and phase noise, even a small level of vibrations can significantly introduce an unwanted signal variation. To know more about the EQXO-75UIE Extended Industrial Temp Oscillator, visit the official website of EuroQuartz.

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