RTG4 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in a Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) for Simplified System Designs in Satellite and Space Probes Applications

Published  November 3, 2020   0
RTG4 Field Programmable Gate Array from Microchip

Microchip has introduced the RTG4 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in a Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) which allows the space system developers to develop systems using more reliable packages that simplify the layout and routing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and makes it easier to assemble and inspect. With a high-speed radiation tolerance, the new RTG4 FPGAs are available in a 352-pin CQFP package for simplifying system design in applications ranging from satellites and space probes to planet landers and vehicles.

The CQFP package is easy to assemble and it provides better reliability at a more cost-effective system integration alternative to higher-pin count alternatives. It is the best solution for control applications that do not require a high number of inputs/outputs (I/Os) or need frequent switching and a high number of temperature cycles.

The RTG4 FPGAs offer high-speed signal- processing capability for space systems and allows it to leverage reprogrammable flash memory to provide greater immunity to configure Single Event Upsets (SEUs) while consuming 40 to 50 percent less power than competing Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) FPGAs.

The RTG4 FPGAs comes with 150,000 Logic Elements (LEs), 462 multipliers, and 5.2 megabits (Mb) of memory, providing a full range of qualification and screening options for a wide range of space missions from class 1 applications that require QML-V components, to low-cost New Space constellations with relaxed screening requirements.