ROHM Unveils New LED Drivers for Automotive Displays, Promoting Energy Efficiency

Published  April 6, 2023   0
S Staff
LED Drivers for Automotive Displays

ROHM has introduced three LED driver ICs, BD83A04EFV-M, BD83A14EFV-M, and BD82A26MUF-M, to cater to medium- to large-size automotive displays for car infotainment and instrument clusters.

With the continuous evolution of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and enhanced car infotainment functionalities, larger displays are now a must. As a result, LED drivers for LCD backlights in automotive displays must provide a high-efficiency drive that enhances the rated output current while reducing power consumption. Furthermore, LED drivers must be capable of avoiding flickering to ensure safe driving conditions.

Conventional LED drivers use a relatively large amount of power and are prone to flickering during Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming. In contrast, ROHM has developed LED drivers for LCD backlights that combine low-power technology with seamless PWM dimming, eliminating flickering while transitioning from low to high display brightness.

These new products utilize low-power consumption technology to reduce losses in LED driver current control circuits. As a result, overall IC power consumption is reduced by 20% compared to conventional products, under typical conditions (80 mA/ch LED circuit current, 12 V power supply), contributing to lower power consumption in medium- to large-sized automotive displays where power consumption is an issue.