ROHM Launches RLD90QZW8: Redefining LiDAR Precision with a 120W Laser Diode

Published  November 30, 2023   0
S Staff
ROHM Launches RLD90QZW8- Redefining LiDAR Precision with a 120W Laser Diode

ROHM proudly unveils its newest innovation, the RLD90QZW8 high-power laser diode, tailored for revolutionizing LiDAR technology. Specifically engineered for 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) systems, this groundbreaking diode is set to redefine distance measurement and spatial recognition in diverse applications, from automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to autonomous vehicles and industrial equipment.

This cutting-edge diode boasts an impressive 120W power output, outperforming its predecessors - the 25W and 75W versions. The core of this advancement lies in ROHM's patented technology, which drastically reduces the temperature dependence of the laser wavelength by an outstanding 66%. This reduction, down to just ⊿11.6nm, empowers the diode to employ a narrower bandpass filter, extending the detection range of LiDAR systems significantly.

Moreover, the RLD90QZW8 showcases unparalleled precision with a uniform light intensity of 97% across an incredibly compact emission width of 270µm - the industry's smallest class. This achievement translates into a remarkable 264µm range, elevating the resolution and accuracy of spatial recognition to unprecedented levels. Additionally, its high power-to-light conversion efficiency ensures optimal optical output, effectively minimizing power consumption within LiDAR applications.

To support seamless integration and evaluation, ROHM provides a suite of design support materials, available free of charge on its website. Furthermore, addressing the need for high-speed diode operation essential for LiDAR applications,