ROHM Expands Its D/A Converter Product Line-up for High-Fidelity Audio


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ROHM's DAC ICs for High Fidelity Audio

ROHM has launched a new branding “MUS-IC” for its solutions for high-fidelity audio products, which includes a range of D/A converter ICs (DAC ICs), optimized for high-fidelity reproduction, and power supply products.


The increasing adoption of high-resolution audio sources has strengthened the demand for audio equipment which can deliver an appropriate sound quality. Audio DAC ICs, which convert high-resolution digital audio data to analog without degrading the original sound source, are one of the most important components for determining the quality in audio equipment.


ROHM offers a range of DAC ICs that are optimized for high-fidelity reproduction of high-resolution sound sources. These DAC chips have been optimized for sound quality through repeated listening tests and laboratory measurements, and deliver top class low noise and low distortion (S/N ratio - 130dB and THD+N characteristics - 115dB) as demanded by top audio equipment manufacturers.  


In addition to this DAC chip, ROHM also offers a product portfolio of power supply ICs (BD372xx series) and sound processors (BD3470x series, BD34602FS-M). All products optimized for high fidelity audio applications are listed under its new audio device brand ROHM Musical Device “MUS-IC.”

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