Robust 100V, 1A synchronous buck converter reduce board space, improve efficiency and simplify power supply design


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New 100V, 1A synchronous buck converter extends battery life in rugged applications

Texas Instruments launched highly integrated, robust, wide-VIN DC/DC LM5164 buck regulator which extends battery life in rugged industrial and automotive applications. The new LM5164 is ultra-low quiescent current(IQ) synchronous step-down buck regulator with feature of a constant on-time (COT) control architecture and integrates high- and low-side power MOSFETs. The key advantage for developers is to shrink the board space in rugged battery-powered industrial and automotive power supplies with 30% smaller in size compare to its competing regulators.


The new wide-input-voltage (VIN) synchronous DC/DC buck converter comes with the best combination of light load efficiency, ease of design and overall power solution cost. The LM5164 buck converter has load current up to 1A DC and can operate in wide voltage range between 6V to 100V. The LM5164 has Internal VCC bias supply and bootstrap diode which eliminates an additional capacitor, also inclusion of COT architecture requires no external compensation.


The key features and benefits of the LM5164:

  • Shrink board space: With the small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) PowerPAD package size of just 5mm by 6mm, the LM5164 is thermally efficient in all conditions and create a complete power-supply design in 105 mm2. This is more than 10% smaller than the other offerings.
  • Highest light load efficiency: The LM5164 offers very low 10-µA typical standby quiescent current (IQ). This enables 10 percent better light load efficiency for 24V to 5V conversions with a 1mA load and extends battery life.
  • Cost effective and simple design: The LM5164 has a standard 8-pin SOIC package, few external components and WEBENCH Power Designer which simplify design and reduce cost.


The LM5164 are available through the TI store and its authorized distributors. The 100V LM5164 and LM5164-Q1 are priced in small reels at US$1.53 and US$2.04, respectively, for 1,000-unit quantities. The LM5164-Q1EVM-041 evaluation module is available for US$75.

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