Ring-Based Smart Pulse Oximeter with BLE Connectivity using nRF52832 SoC

Published  January 3, 2020   0
ZG-P11D Smart Pulse Oximeter

MegaHealth, a Chinese company has launched a Smart Pulse Oximeter (ZG-P11D) in the form of a ring to continuously monitor key health data, such as blood oxygen and heart rate day and night with great battery life. The device can run for more than 20 hours before its next recharge and can be charged using a common micro USB connector. With Bluetooth low energy connectivity and the Medical plus Oximeter, the patients can monitor their health with the help of an app. The ZG-P11D is small, comfortable and more suited for long periods of wear than the clip-based solutions.

The device uses Nordic’s nRF52832 SoC for continuous synchronization of oxygen saturation and pulse rate data over a Bluetooth low energy connection to the user’s smartphone. The Nordic nRF52832 SoC acts as the core microcontroller with its powerful 64MHz, 32-bit Arm Cortex M4F processor. The 512kB flash memory is sufficient to store and record data while the 64kB RAM is enough for the algorithm filtering requirements.

The device can also be useful outside the hospital setting where oxygen saturation measurement is needed in conditions such as sleep apnea where people stop breathing for extended periods during sleep can be detected without the need for a full sleep study. It can also help in monitoring conditions like asthma and how a patient is responding to the treatment without the need to take up a hospital bed.  The device can also help in a fitness routine to monitor the oxygen levels to tell how efficiently the body is using oxygen during exercise and how quickly it is recovering afterward.