RGBC-IR Color Sensors with 16-bit Resolution for High Sensitivity and Linearity

Published  January 29, 2020   0
VEML3328 & VEML3328SL RGBC-IR Colour Sensors

Vishay Intertechnology adds two new RGBC-IR sensors to their optoelectronics portfolio. The VEML3328 (top-looking) and VEML3328SL (side-looking) offer better linearity and higher sensitivity compared to the previous generation device, and it also adds the new features including an infrared (IR) channel. These sensors can sense red, green, blue, clear, and IR light by incorporating photodiodes, amplifiers, and analog/digital circuits into a single CMOS chip. They can calculate color temperature and sense ambient light, hence they can act as a compact solution for adjusting backlighting in consumer electronics and notebook computers.

Both VEML3328 and VEML3328SL color sensors can differentiate indoor lighting from outdoor lighting and allows the displays to maintain consistent true color and ideal brightness levels. These new RGBC-IR sensors are ideal for applications such as automatic white balancing and color cast correction in digital cameras; automatic LCD backlight adjustment; and active monitoring of LED color output for IoT and smart lighting. They can also be used in industrial and consumer applications where there is a need to keep the sensor’s output stable under changing temperature.

The sensors were designed with built-in ambient light photo-diode that can offer extremely high sensitivity, allowing the devices to operate in applications with dark lens designs. A programmable analog gain and integration time function, as well as the additional IR channel, allow designers to tailor the VEML3328 and VEML3328SL to their applications. The functions of the sensors are carried out easily with a simple and power-efficient I2C (SMBus compatible) interface protocol. The devices feature a low operating voltage range of 2.6 V to 3.6 V to help prolong battery life in handheld and portable systems. For more information about VEML3328 and VEML3328SL, visit the official website of Vishay Intertechnology.