ISL71610M and ISL7170M Digital Isolators with high isolation protection for Power Supply Stages and Serial Communication

Published  January 29, 2019   0
S Staff
Renesas digital isolator ICs ISL71610M and ISL7170M for small satellites

Renesas Electronics, today introduced two new digital isolator ICs namely the ISL71610M and the ISL7170M. These plastic packaged, radiation-tolerant digital isolators provide high isolation protection upto 2,500VRMS­  for power supply and serial communication interface circuits used in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellites (SmallSats).


Both the IC have an Operating voltage of 3V to 5.5V and offers high isolation voltage, data rate, common mode transient immunity, propagation delay, quiescent current and dynamic current. The ISL71610M IC has passive input and can handle data rate upto 100Mbps with a transient immunity of 20kV/uS, propagation delay of 8ns and a quiescent current of 1.3mA. While the ISL7170M IC has active input and can handle data rate upto 150Mbps with a transient immunity of 50kV/us, propagation delay of 10ns and a quiescent current of 1.8mA

In isolation partitioned power supply designs, the ISL71610M and ISL71710M provide an instantaneous 2.5kVRMS of isolation and 600VRMS continuous working voltage at 85°C. Both meet the New Space industry’s highest data rates which make them ideal for serial communications links, such as RS-422, RS-485, and Controller Area Network (CAN).


The ISL71610M digital isolator is used in the Isolated 100V Half-Bridge Power Supply design, which can convert the 100V input voltage from satellite solar panel to system level voltages like 28V, 12V, 5V 3.3V etc with an efficiency of 94%.  The ISL7170M isolator IC is used in CAN bus application to provide fault proof serial communication between the CAN Bus controller and the CAN transceiver.

Both the ISL71610M and the ISL7170M IC are available in the 8-pin SOIC package with a footprint of 5mm × 4mm. The ISL71610M and ISL7170M are priced at $61.53 and $64.18 USD respectively for a quantity of 1000 units. You can visit their website for samples and more information.