Renesas RAA279974: 4-Channel AHL Video Decoder for Cost-Effective Automotive Applications

Published  January 25, 2024   0
S Staff
RAA279974 - 4-Channel AHL Video Decoder

Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced the RAA279974, a 4-channel AHL video decoder, as part of its Automotive HD Link (AHL) portfolio. This device efficiently processes four input sources simultaneously, providing a cost-effective solution for surround-view and multi-camera applications in automotive settings. AHL technology utilizes a modulated analog signal for video transmission, providing robustness against noise and enabling longer transmission distances (20-30m) with unshielded twisted pair cables and standard connectors. 
The RAA279974 is a key addition to the AHL family, complementing the existing RAA279971 single-channel AHL video encoder and RAA279972 single-channel AHL video decoder. This increases the demand from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to support multiple cameras in vehicles for applications such as surround-view parking assistance monitors. 

AHL supports resolutions from VGA up to 720p/60 or 1080p/30. The interface includes MIPI-CSI2, BT656, and DVP inputs and outputs, providing flexibility to support various image sensors. AHL does not require compression like an Ethernet system, ensuring no latency in the video. It operates with only a 27MHz crystal clock, reducing costs. Renesas has conducted BCI & CISPR25 EMC/EMI testing using UTP cables for AHL. The MIPI-CSI2 output with Virtual Channel allows for the transmission of 4 channels of video over a single data bus interface to the SoC, saving input ports on the SoC. AHL technology integrates with various automotive components, enabling cost-effective safety feature implementation across vehicle models.


The RAA279974 AHL decoder, along with evaluation boards, is available now. Renesas also provides the RTKA279974ZK0000BU Camera Kit Bundle, featuring four integrated AHL cameras with the RAA279971 AHL encoder.