Renesas’ RA8T1 Microcontroller - For Real-Time Control in Industrial and Home Automation

Published  January 30, 2024   0
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RA8T1 Microcontroller (MCU)

The RA8T1 microcontroller (MCU) group by Renesas Electronics features the Arm Cortex-M85 processor. Targeted at real-time control applications in industrial, building automation, and smart homes, these devices are part of the RA8 Series, known for its performance of 6.39 CoreMark/MHz. With the Arm Cortex-M85 processor and Helium™ technology, RA8 MCUs offer a substantial 4X performance boost for digital signal processor (DSP) and machine learning (ML) implementations compared to the Cortex-M7 core. Tailored for motor control applications, the RA8T1 group includes advanced PWM timing features, 12-bit ADCs, 12-bit DACs, and high-speed comparators. Communication functions encompass SCI, SPI, I2C/I3C, CAN/CAN-FD, Ethernet, and USB-FS, while safety features include port output shutdown upon anomaly detection in motor control. Operating at a core frequency of 480 MHz, RA8T1 devices can be applied to AI functions like predicting maintenance needs for motors, thereby minimizing downtime.

The RA8T1 MCUs offer integrated 2MB/1MB Dual-bank Flash memory and 1MB SRAM, with additional 128KB TCM and 512KB ECC protection. Security features include advanced cryptographic algorithms, TrustZone, Secure Boot, tamper resistance with DPA/SPA attack protection, and more. Available in various pin configurations, the RA8T1 Group MCUs are supported by Renesas' Flexible Software Package (FSP), providing a comprehensive infrastructure for faster application development, including RTOS, BSP, peripheral drivers, middleware, and security stacks. The FSP allows flexibility in integrating legacy code and preferred RTOS, easing the transition of existing designs to the new RA8 Series devices.


The RA8T1 Group MCUs and accompanying FSP software are currently accessible. To obtain samples or kits, orders can be placed through the Renesas website or authorized distributors.