Reflective Type Optical Sensor with High Power Infrared LED and Signal Processing IC

Published  April 27, 2022   0
L Lakshita
NJL5830R Reflective Type Optical Sensor

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has introduced a new reflective type optical sensor NJL5830R that contains a high-power infrared LED, a photodiode sensor, and a signal processing IC in a unique package and has a high resistance to ambient light to prevent operation interference and can even be used for outdoor applications. Typical applications for touchless sensors are control panels and buttons for elevators, vending & ticketing machines, toilet flush & water tap control, soap dispensers, beverage server machines, etc.

This sensor has a reliable built-in interference prevention function between adjacent sensors along with a detection distance of up to 50 mm. The integrated light modulation offers, besides reliable interference prevention, high resistance to ambient light, making it even suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, the IC is embedded in a thin miniature COBP package measuring only L3.6 x W5.8 x H1.2 mm, occupying only a 21 square millimetre PCB area.

Key Features of NJL5830R Reflective Optical Sensor

  • Interference prevention function between buttons is installed
  • Resistant to disturbance light
  • Detectable even the gloves on
  • Small and thin package