Radiation-Tolerant DC-DC Converters for New Space and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Applications

Published  May 10, 2024   0
L Lakshita
Radiation-Tolerant DC-DC Converters

Microchip Technology has announced a new family of Radiation-Tolerant (RT) LE50-28 isolated DC-DC 50W power converters available in nine variants with single- and triple-outputs ranging from 3.3V to 28V. The off-the-shelf LE50-28 family of power converters are designed to meet MIL-STD-461. The power converters have a companion EMI filter and offer customers ease of design to scale and customize by choosing one or three outputs based on the voltage range needed for the end application. This series provides flexibility to parallel up to four power converters to reach 200-Watts.  Designed to serve 28V bus systems, the LE50-28 isolated DC-DC power converters can be integrated with Microchip’s PolarFire FPGAs, microcontrollers and LX7720-RT motor control sensor for a complete electrical system solution. Designers can use these high-reliability radiation-tolerant power solutions to significantly reduce system-level development time.

The LE50-28 power converters offer a variety of electrical connection and mounting options. The LE50 series is manufactured with conventional surface mount and thru-hole components on a printed wiring board. This distinction in the manufacturing process can reduce time to market and risks associated with supply chain disruptions.  The LE50-28 family offers space-grade radiation tolerance with 50 Krad Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE) latch-up immunity of 37 MeV·cm2/mg linear energy transfer.

Key Features

  • 28V input

  • Up to 50W of output in a low-profile solution

  • High Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and exceptional efficiency

  • Ability to parallel up to four units for 200W solution

  • EMI compliant with additional filter and radiation-tolerant designs

  • Single and triple outputs that are well-suited for New Space and LEO applications

  • Switching regulators that use peak current mode-controlled single-ended forward converter topology with inherent single-event immunity

  • Single-output versions that offer remote sense, output voltage adjust and parallel connection functions