R5642 Series: 1-Cell to 3-Cell Li-ion Battery Second Protection IC

Published  March 4, 2022   0
R5642 Series Overcharge Protection IC

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has introduced the new R5642 Series of overcharge protection IC for 1 to 3 serial cells Li-ion / Li-polymer rechargeable battery. This new IC provides the high-accuracy voltage detection function and the shutdown function can reduce the supply current to the minimum when all cell’s voltage becomes less than the shutdown detection voltage.

This Series features a high voltage tolerant process of 26V and a low supply current of 0.85µA along with overcharge voltage detection. This IC is suitable for applications like smart phone, tablet PC, games, and hearing aid.

Key Specifications

  • High Voltage Tolerant Process Absolute maximum rating: 26 V
  • Low Supply Current Normal mode: Typ. 0.85 µA (VCELLn (1) : 3.9 V, for 3-cell)
  • Overcharge Voltage Detector
  • COUT Output (CMOS Output, Active-high): Typ. 4.7 V
  • Shutdown Function
  • 1 to 3 Cells Selectable Battery Protection