Qorvo's QPC7330 Enhance CATV Networks with Simplified Installation and Versatile Control

Published  May 15, 2024   0
S Staff

Qorvo has introduced the industry’s first single-chip variable inverse cable equalizer, the QPC7330. This IC is designed specifically for CATV application developers aiming to upgrade their networks to the advanced DOCSIS 4.0 standard, facilitating symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds over cable’s hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks. The QPC7330 simplifies field installation by eliminating the need for additional plug-ins or complex circuitry to implement the input cable simulator function. It can be programmed via I2C, integrating into automated set-up routines and reducing installation time and costs. With a compact design, the QPC7330 offers stability, repeatability, and adjustability, simplifying operations and lowering labor costs associated with complex setups. QPC7330 offers a straightforward solution for upgrading CATV designs to DOCSIS 4.0. It replaces alternatives such as fixed values switched or combinations of attenuators and standard equalizers with a more efficient choice. 

The QPC7330 IC offers several key features designed to aid in the upgrade of CATV designs to DOCSIS 4.0 standards. Firstly, it simplifies installation with a low loss switched bypass mode, reducing complexity and signal loss during setup. Secondly, its single-chip design integrates all equalizer functions, streamlining system design and reducing component count. Additionally, the QPC7330 provides versatility through its 75 Ohm I2C-controlled 25 state system, allowing simulation of various coax cable loss lengths for flexible network adaptation. These features collectively contribute to improved efficiency and performance in CATV networks transitioning to DOCSIS 4.0 standards.