New Precise and Reliable Flow Sensor from Sensirion Optimized for Ventilators


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SFM3019 Sensirion's Flow Sensor

Sensirion has introduced the new flow sensor SFM3019 to meet the demand for the requirement of highly safe and hygienic sensors for ventilators and respiratory applications. The highly scalable SFM3019 can be easily integrated into the ventilators and are available in both digital and analog versions. The new sensor is based on the established CMOSens Technology, and it was developed based on the tried and tested components, hence they are more reliable and can deliver precise measurements. The digital version of the sensor can measure both oxygen and air and the mixture of both elements with the highest accuracy.

Features of SFM3019 Flow Sensor

  • Very low pressure drop < 5mbar @ 200slm
  • Flow range:- 10slm to +240slm (one-directional)
  • Accuracy 3% m.v.
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Low dependency on different inlet conditions
  • Digitally calibrated & temperature compensated
  • Medical cones for pneumatic connection to standard breathing circuits
  • Mechanical interface for electrical reconnection

The SFM3019 is based on the established CMOSens® Technology. In addition, it was developed on the basis of existing components that have been tried and tested for years and guarantee the highest reliability and precise measuring. For more information about the new flow sensor SFM3019, visit:

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