Powerfoyle Shield - Energy Harvesting add-on for Nordic Thingy:91

Published  August 17, 2023   0
S Staff
Powerfoyle Shield for Nordic Thingy:91

Swedish tech firm Exeger has introduced the 'Powerfoyle Shield', a collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor, designed for the Thingy:91 cellular IoT platform. This shield, crafted from Exeger's innovative Powerfoyle photovoltaic material, enables devices to harvest energy from both indoor and outdoor light without the need for direct sunlight. The initiative aims to enhance power management based on fluctuating light and battery conditions, ultimately extending device longevity, and diminishing the frequency of battery replacements.

Beyond the hardware, Exeger provides a software development kit, allowing for the creation of apps to monitor solar device metrics. With the integration of the Powerfoyle Shield, devices can potentially become fully self-reliant, negating the necessity for conventional charging methods. This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to a sustainable and power-efficient future.