PAM8904E – Piezo Sounder Driver for Compact Smart Sensor and Wearable Applications


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PAM8904E – Piezo Sounder Driver

Diodes Incorporated introduced the PAM8904E, an enhanced version of its popular sound driver that delivers higher performance at lower voltage in a smaller package for small and portable devices. The driver can support both single-ended and differential output modes with minimal external components.


Features of PAM8904E:

  • Supply Voltage Range from 1.5V to 5.5V
  • 18VPP Output from a 3V Supply
  • Integrated Boost Converter Generates up to 13.5V Supply
  • Input Signal 20Hz to 300kHz
  • No Voltage Cross Output at Shutdown Mode
  • Low Current Consumption within 1µA
  • Automatic Standby and Wake-up Control
  • Available in Space-Saving Packages U-QFN3030-16 (Type B), U-QFN3030-12 (Type A) and W-QFN2020-12 (Type US) Packages


Despite its small package, the PAM8904E integrates a charge pump boost converter that operates in 1x,2x and 3x modes and it is able to generate an output voltage up to 18V peak to peak from a 3V supply voltage or 27Vpp from a 4.5V supply. The Enhanced sounder driver can load up to 47nF which is competitively higher than the other similar devices that can typically drive a load of 15nF and require a higher supply voltage. The PAM8904E is featured with thermal shutdown, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection in other words automatic shutdown and wake function that can help minimize the operational lifetime of battery-powered devices.


This 18Vpp Output Piezo Sounder Driver is mostly used in trackers, alarms, health monitors, security devices and smart sensors as a form of the audio user interface.  They can be fitted into portable and wearable devices such as IoT-enabled trackers, as well as enabling miniature smart sensors that monitor the environment, including security detectors and water, smoke, and CO2 alarms. The PAM8904E is mainly designed to meet the requirements of the smallest applications from extremely low voltages. The PAM8904EGPR is available in the W-QFN2020-12 Type A package, which measures 2.00mm × 2.00mm wide × 0.80mm high. Other packaging options include U-QFN3030-12 Type A (PAM8904EJPR) and U-QFN3030-16 (PAM8904EJER). For more details about the PAM8904E visit the product page on the official website of Diodes Incorporated.

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