P11H Modular Panel Potentiometer Features Up to Seven Modules for Off-Road, Aeronautics, and Industrial Applications

Published  November 1, 2021   0
D Dakshita
P11H Modular High Torque Panel Potentiometer

Vishay Intertechnology announced a new modular panel potentiometer P11H that delivers industry-high rotational torque of 8 Ncm higher than the closest competing device for off-road, aeronautics, and industrial applications. The device serves as a voltage divider or rheostat for light, radio volume, and air conditioning control in tractors and construction equipment, in addition to industrial tool setting and electric welding, etc.

Operating over a temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C, the P11H provides standard resistance values of 1 kΩ, 4.7 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 47 kW, and 100 kΩ, with a contact resistance variation of 2 % or 3 Ω, and low TCR of ± 150 ppm/°C. The panel potentiometer offers a compact 12.5 mm size with a 6.35 mm shaft diameter and allows for stability under harsh environmental. Also, the device provides smooth rotational torque over its entire 50,000 cycle lifespan, with a variation of < 20 %.

RoHS-compliant and tested in accordance with CECC 41000 or IEC 60393-1, the potentiometer is available with custom shafts, leads, connectors, and other value-added options. The samples and production quantities of the P11H are available now, with lead times of 16 weeks.