OptiMOS 6 Power MOSFET 100V Technology with Low On-State Resistance for High Switching Frequency Applications

Published  November 16, 2021   0
OptiMOS 6 Power MOSFET 100V

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the OptiMOS 6 100V family of MOSFETs that comes with improved R DS(on)  and combines the benefits of low on-state resistance and superior switching performances. This new technology is specifically optimized for high switching frequency applications such as telecom and solar. Moreover, with wider safe operating area (SOA), it is ideal for battery-powered applications (BPA) and battery management systems (BMS).

The OptiMOS 6 in SuperSO8 package with 2.2 mΩ can achieve one percent higher efficiency than OptiMOS 5 across the whole load range which results in a 7 W lower power loss due to improved charges and R DS(on), enabling up to 15 percent higher power density. This new technology in the 100 V range allows for lower conduction and switching losses and minimizes the necessity for paralleling parts.

Key Features of OptiMOS 6 100V MOSFETs

  • N-channel, normal level
  • Very low reverse recovery charge(Qrr)
  • High avalanche energy rating
  • 175°C operating temperature
  • Optimized for high frequency switching and synchronous rectification


The OptiMOS 6 100 V family of MOSFETs is now available in SuperSO8 5x6 and PQFN 3.3x3.3 packages.